Antarctic Voyage

Antarctic Voyage

Antarctic Peninsula 2In March 2013, I took a 12-day voyage to Antarctica.  Of all the places I’ve been and the sights I’ve seen, the Great White Continent was the most fantastic and amazing.

Most antarctic cruises embarks from Ushuaia, Argentina and vary in length depending on destination.  Cruise season to Antarctica is between the beginning of November and the end of March.  Prices range depending on time of booking but may be cheaper earlier in the season.  Bookings in advance can gain additional options including Diving, Camping and Kayaking.

Last Minute Deals are often available and can be cheaper, although these deal do not usually include the addition options.  Arrive early to get a good Last Minute Deal and be prepared to wait.

More information and booking can be found at: Oceanwide Expeditions website.

My cruise was between March 9 and 20, 2013 into the Antarctic Circle.  Here are the details:

Antarctic Voyage – We’re going south, baby, WAY south…
– Day 1 – Embarkment
– Day 2 – The Drake Passage
– Day 3 – The South Shetland IslandsDSCN1631

Antarctic Voyage – Along the Great White Peninsula
– Day 4 – More South Shetland Islands
– Day 5 – Antarctic PeninsulaDSCN1776
Antarctic Voyage – Next Stop, the Polar Circle
– Day 6 – Antarctic Peninsula
– Day 7 – Antarctic Polar CircleDSCN1833
Antarctic Voyage – The Journey Back to Civilisation
 Day 8 – Returning Along the Peninsula
– Day 9 – Final Landfall – Deception Island
– Day 10 and 11 – Back across the Drake PassageDSCN1859

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