Other Australian Hikes and Destinations

In November 2012, I embarked upon a 3-month driving tour around the South East of Australia to hike as many places as I could before I left Australia.  Here are links to those stories and the 17-day Larapinta Trail hike I completed in Central Australia in September 2011.

Road Trip! – Brisbane to Adelaide
2005km in 3 days

South Australia

Yurrebilla Trail
A 3 day hike in the Adelaide Hills

Kangaroo Island
A wondrous island in the deep south

Adventure Caving Naracoorte
Holes in the ground

Western Victoria

Major Mitchell Plateau – The Grampians
A fantastic overnight hike in the Grampians Mountains

The Pinnacle – The Grampians
A day hike

Mt Gar, Briggs Bluff Traverse – The Grampians
A rained out overnight hike that turned into a frantic race to get off the storm threatened mountain.

Burchell Trail – Brisbane Ranges National Park
Three days hiking the hills near Melbourne

Mornington Peninsula
A day investigating the peninsula

Organ Pipes National Park
A very short walk in a very small National Park


Mt Amos – Freycinet National Park
An amazing climb with spectacular views

Mt Wellington – Hobart
An interesting walk with awesome views

Montezuma Falls
A day walk to the tallest waterfall in Tasmania

Mole Creek Adventure Caving
Crawling through caves in central Tasmania

The Overland Track – 7 days in the Tasmanian wilderness
Tasmania’s most famous hike, by day…

Overland Track Day 1 – Cradle Valley to Waterfall Valley

Overland Track Day 2 – Waterfall Valley to Windermere Lake

Overland Track Day 3 – Windermere Lake to Pelion

Overland Track Day 4 – Pelion to Kia Ora

Overland Track Day 5 – Kia Ora to Windy Ridge

Overland Track Day 6 – Windy Ridge to Pine Valley

Overland Track Day 7 – Pine Valley to Cynthia Bay

Central Victoria

Wilsons Promontory
A beautiful peninsula in extreme heat

Bachan Caves – Snowy River National Park
A cave tour

Mt Bogong Big River Circuit – Alpine National Park
To Victoria’s tallest mountain and back

New South Wales

Bogong Wilderness – North Koscioscko National Park
An overnight forest walk

Central Australia

Larapinta Trail Report full site
Details of my 17 day hike through Central Australia, with full details.

Days 0 to 3 – Redbank Gorge to Ormiston Gorge

Days 4 to 7 – Ormiston Gorge to Ellery Creek

Days 8 to 13 – Ellery Creek to Standley Chasm

Days 14 to 17 – Standley Chasm to Alice Springs

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