Organ Pipes National Park – Victoria

This evening I catch the Spirit of Tasmania to Australia’s southern most state. The Spirit of Tasmania is a cruise ship sized vehicle ferry and will take nearly 12 hours overnight to travel the 450km to Tassie. But that’s this evening… Until then I decided to kill some time and check out the Organ Pipes National Park.


The Organ Pipes NP is 25km North West of Melbourne and is rather small. There is less than 2km of track, so yes, pretty small.

A road leads downhill to a short dirt trail which opens out on the Organ Pipes themselves – a set of vertical stone rods formed when lava flowed off the edge of cliff, hardened but doesn’t erode like the rock around it.


Further down the trail is a rosette rock…


… and a tesselated pavement complete with a shift couple getting busy in a hidden away spot at lunchtime on a Friday.


But not much else.

After a brief chat to a pair of kangaroos, I was back in the van and heading off to wait for loading of the ferry.

Tomorrow, after arriving in Tasmania at 6.30am, I drive to Freycinet Peninsula.

The Short Trail Wanderer

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