El Bolsón, Argentina – Impressions

For my final stop in Patagonia I caught a bus 100km south of Bariloche to the small town of El Bolsón.

El Bolsón is known in Argentina for the typical Patagonian trekking and mountaineering experience, fly fishing, art, its regular markets, micro-breweries and for being a hippie town. The label of hippie town was what caught my attention and is the tag line that draws most other travellers to the town.


I only spent a couple of days in El Bolsón and while it did seem like a nice small community in a great location, I didn’t find a lot to actually make it a hippy town. The sculptures in and around the town centre were pretty cool, but the markets were fairly typical selling many of the usuals: home-made jewellery, carved wooden things, sewn items and a myriad of different semi precious stones.


El Bolsón sits between two great rocky ridges, a 2km tall range that got a powdering of snow on my second day…


…and one 1,600m tall range. The trekking did look amazing but El Bolsón is in Patagonia. But since my visit was during a rainy last week of autumn, I hadn’t planned to go hiking.


While my visit to El Bolsón was inexpensive and relaxing, with winter arriving, it was time to head to warmer climates.  After a brief stop off back in Bariloche, I headed north into the desert to the wine region of Mendoza.

Some things to do in El Bolsón:

  • Kayak Lago Puelo
  • Hike Cerro Piltriquitrón
  • Walk up to Cabezo del Indio – Indian Head Rock

The Lone Trail Wanderer

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