Córdoba, Argentina – Impressions

Córdoba is the city in the centre of northern Argentina. It’s the capital of Córdoba province and is the second largest city in Argentina.

After a short 12-hour bus ride from Mendoza, I arrived in the late afternoon and was promptly upgraded from a dorm to a private room by the owner. Thanks to both Turning Point Hostel and quiet season! The hostel had many outdoor areas, as much of the northern Pampas region of Argentina is desert, and had several travel inspired murals on its walls.


Córdoba is a large city and while it was more bustling than quaint Mendoza, it was quieter than hefty Buenos Aires.  A walk around the central city streets found a city full of churches and old architecture…


And more…


But the further afield you walk, the more interesting the buildings become…


Every Saturday and Sunday evening in one particular set of streets is a fair, with a massive array of stalls strewn everywhere. It’s insanely popular, meaning the place was utterly crowded and has stalls selling all of the usual home-made market style goods.

Lastly, I took a bus out into the country to Parque Nacional Quebrada del Condorito for a day hike in Condor Gorge.


After Córdoba, I returned to the country’s big smoke, Buenos Aires, to take another look at the city I’d begun my journey in 3 months earlier.

Things to do in Córdoba:

  • Visit Jesuit temples
  • Hang out in Sarmiento Park
  • Catch a bus out to Parque Nacional Quebrada de Condorito

The Lone Trail Wanderer

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