Lima, Peru – Impressions

Lima is the capital of Peru and with 9 million people, is by far the largest city in the country. It’s a popular starting point for people with only a limited time to travel and who only really seeing Peru, Bolivia and the top of Argentina. Beyond this, I’ve been told not to stay too long as there isn’t much to do in the city. So, with low expectations I decided not to spend too much time wandering the city and more time writing.

The outskirts of Lima reminded me of Arequipa or La Paz, with half built brick buildings and dirt roads. This is the way they build houses here, instead of taking out mortgages and building a house. They build part of a house with the money they have and live in it until they have enough money to build more.

When I arrived at the bus terminal, I caught a taxi to Miraflores, a trendy suburb not far from the beach. Miraflores reminded me of the centre of a many cities in the West, with all the fast food restaurants, the clothes stores, restaurants and malls. I guess in this way it feels very touristy and not like a South American city at all.


And for the time I was here, the weather was fairly overcast and not very exciting. It is winter, I guess. So, it didn’t tempt me to leave the hostel except to get food, a replacement camera and to sit in Starbucks and write. With the beach not even ten blocks away, I didn’t bother taking the time to go and have a look. But there was a cathedral in the central square…


Overall, I would say that Lima seems like a nice city, but if you’re looking for something not so touristy, then Miraflores is not for you. I’ve heard there places in Centro worth seeing, with museums and likely more fountains, since Peru does them so well.


Next, I’m off to Huaraz, back into the mountains, to prepare for a hike in Cordillera Blanca.

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