Ha’apai – Uoleva Island

After my cycling around the islands yesterday, there wasn’t much more of the islands to see. So what else could I do but find a beach and relax. So, I walked to the southern point of the island – taking an hour – and back along the western side, where there is a very long beach protected from the winds. I nestled myself in and camped out for the day.

After sun, sand and swimming, I made my way back to the Mariner’s cafe and hung out for the afternoon, running into a Canadian girl and arranging to hang out at the beach with her tomorrow.

Tomorrow came and I went down to Mariner’s for a coffee and to wait for my Canadian friend to arrive. While waiting, I was introduced to a resort owner on Uoleva Island and before I knew it I was whisked away on a boat to this classic Pacific Island island, all beaches and very little else. Uoleva is an almost deserted island to the south of Lafuka island with three resorts and a total of 6 permanent residents.


I was put up in a fale less than five metres from the beach at high tide and just sitting in front of it,


could look out over a fantastic ocean view with Tofua – the volcano island – in the distance.


On the afternoon of my arrival, I went for a long walk and found a nice spot to sit and just read my book. I swam in the crystal clear water and enjoyed the sun. The thing is about an island that is literally just one giant beach, sitting on the beach and swimming pretty much covers the majority of activities. Oh damn.

My second day I decided to circumnavigate the island. This took me two and a half hours with beach going almost the entire way around. There is a spot of about 10 metres of totally rocky shores. When you reach the tip and head down the western side the wind hits you. The resorts are on the eastern shores in the quiet tranquil bay. By the time you reach the bottom end of the island, the right side of your face is icy from the wind. The hardest part about the walk is the sand, sometimes your feet sinking below your ankles in the slush.


That afternoon, I grabbed some snorkelling gear and headed up the beach for a swim. Plenty of colourful fish to see.


Back to Pangai tomorrow.

The Trail Wanderer.

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