The Pinnacle – The Grampians

After finishing the Major Mitchell Plateau walk in the heat yesterday, I planned to do a short walk and see some of the sites of the Grampians without a pack. I headed off to Wonderland – the central portion of the Grampians where there are plentiful walks.

The car park is not far from Hall’s Gap and my intention was to walk up the Grand Canyon – a brief 100m climb through a canyon of rock.


It was a fair struggle up the rocks in the heat – 31 degrees today – but the formations were awesome. When I came to a junction that offered The Pinnacle for just another 2km walk, I took the option (like I could have resisted!).


The climb from there was arduous and didn’t seem to end, I passed various different rock formations and small caves…


…resting like many other people were, in whatever shade I could find. In the end, it was not the steepness of the climb, but the heat that was the killer, sucking the energy from me as I climbed.

The Pinnacle is fenced off pinnacle of rock…


…with brilliant reviews of the surrounding area including down into Hall’s Gap…


…and along the ranges.


While the walk back was all downhill and a lot easier. I’m am still thankful for the pool at the caravan park…

The Lone Trail Wanderer

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